1. The VCC’s 1st Annual VetOlympics

    Veterinarians and the staff of local hospitals are invited to send their best to compete for pride and for glory in the 1st Annual VetOlympics. This interactive and intellectual event will consist of teams of five, and can have more than one team per hospital.

    This will be an evening of fun, food, drink, laughter, team building and friendly competition. In the end, however, only one hospital shall stand victorious and hold yearly rights to the coveted 1st Annual VetOlympics Trophy. Awards, trophies and prizes shall also be given based on team spirit, best team uniform and more!

    Space is limited, so if you know your hospital has what it takes to compete, then reserve space now! Details are below:

    When: Sunday, October 6th – From   5pm – 7pm

     Where: The   Field House at Sportsplex-Fairfield, 85 Mill Plain Rd, Fairfield,   CT 06824

     Cost: There is a tax deductible application fee of $200 per team.

    Team application fees is tax deductible and will go to benefit the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) which funds the research of cancer in animals and helps to find a cure for both pets and people.

    To register click the RSVP link below and complete the form with your hosptal name, team name, and the name of your team members

    To RSVPS click here or call us directly at 203-838-6626.


    Current Teams Signed Up:

    Team “Suck it Cancer” – The Veterinary Cancer Center

    Team “Hope” – The Veterinary Cancer Center

    Team “Dark Passenger” – The Veterinary Cancer Center

    Team “Furrtastic Five” – Newtown Veterinary Specialists

    Team “Got Specialities?” – Newtown Veterinary Specialists

    Team “To Be Determined” – Miller-Clark Animal Hospital

    Team “To Be Determined” – Miller-Clark Animal Hospital

    Team “Angry Birds” – South Wilton Veterinary Group

    Team “Got Hope?” – Georgetown Veterinary Hospital

    Team “Shore-Thang 1” – VCA Shoreline

    Team “Shore-Thang 2” – VCA Norwalk

    Team “Pawtriots” – Manchester Veterinary Clinic

    Team “Caution ” – Norwalk Animal Hospital

    Team “Will Bite ” – Norwalk Animal Hospital


    About Animal Cancer Foundation

    Animal Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer by funding research in and increasing public awareness of comparative oncology, the study of naturally occurring cancers in human beings and companion animals. ACF provides research grants to medical and veterinary oncology professionals studying comparative oncology models. The organization does not fund research that induces cancer in companion animals.

    Animal Cancer Foundation

    129 Glover Avenue

    Norwalk, Connecticut 06850


    Telephone: 877-448-3223


    Thank you to the VetOlympics Sponsors:

    Premier Great Dane Sponsor Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, The VCC

    Labrador Sponsors PetValu

    Chihuahua Sponsors Canine Company, Vinney’s Ale House, Stop & Shop, and Subway.

    Without their support this event would not be possible!

  2. Sammy – The Power of Fundamentals

    Sammy, a middle-aged Golden Retriever, had no prior medical problems before being brought into the emergency service of one of our partner hospitals for a severely swollen left rear leg.  On initial examination, the board-certified criticalist noted the leg was swollen from the tip of the toes all the way to the hip, among the most severe cases he had ever seen. Sammy had no prior history of leg trauma, no chance the dog was hit by a car, motorcycle or even bicycle. Physical examination revealed no evidence of a fracture, insect bite, snakebite or other diagnosis indicated by such severe swelling.  Sammy’s swollen leg was a mystery symptom.

    Sammy’s mom, faced with inconclusive results and growing financial concerns, began to considering having Sammy humanely euthanized. The criticalist asked mom if she would consent to one fine needle aspirate of the swelling in hope that the sample would yield the information needed to save Sammy’s life.   Luckily, mom said yes.  After thoroughly checking the entire leg, the veterinary criticalist prepared a small area that was very slightly firmer than the rest of the leg for a fine needle aspirate.

    The aspirate revealed mast cells on cytology, so the criticalist referred Sammy’s case to me.   Initially, Sammy’s mom was devastated to learn that her beloved dog had cancer and she, again, considered euthanasia. She believed that Sammy’s quality of life would be affected by treatment and that the financial burden would be too much for the family.  I asked her to consider one week of treatment with prednisone before she made that final decision. This treatment is inexpensive and can be very effective at decreasing inflammation caused by mast cell tumors. By the following week, Sammy was a new dog. The swelling in his left rear leg had completely resolved—except for an area the size of a quarter right near his knee (stifle).

    Because Sammy was enjoying life once again and the massive swelling had been reduced to a small area, his mom could now elect to have the mass surgically removed. Sammy and his mom hit the “Trifecta”—the surgeon was able to excise the entire mass and the biopsy revealed a low-grade mast cell tumor.  Sammy was cured!

    Sammy’s story illustrates the power of fundamentals in the treatment of pet patients:  thorough physical exam, clear communication between pet guardian and veterinary professional, and hope on everyone’s part for the best possible outcome even in the face of a cancer diagnosis.


    Case Notes by Dr. Gerlad Post

  3. Dr. Gerald Post of The Veterinary Cancer Center Wins the Moffly Media Best of the Gold Coast 2013

    Moffly Media’s Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut 2013 winners have been announced today. The 2013 winner for best veterinarian is Dr. Gerald Post from The Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT.  Dr. Post is one of approximately three hundred board-certified veterinary oncologists in the USA. He graduated with distinction from Cornell University in 1983 and received his DVM degree from the University of Minnesota in 1988.

    He completed his residency in Oncology at the Animal Medical Center in New York and in 1992 became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Dr. Post has authored many papers and book chapters on the topics of oncology and hematology and was also recently recognized by New York Magazine as one of the best veterinarians in the tri-state area. This honor of the Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut 2013 is voted on by clients of the practice during the voting period on the Moffly Media website. The publication is mostly known for recognizing great restaurants, hotels, shopping locations, spas and more. They also recognize outstanding doctors, including veterinary specialists in the area.

    Dr. Post will be at the Moffly Media “Winners” party on Thursday, July 25th from 6:30-9:30PM at the Hilton Stamford. Please be sure to stop by at our booth and meet Dr. Post, visit with our special guests and have fun with the photo booth! Limited tickets are still available online at and tickets will be available at the door for $75.

    The Veterinary Cancer Center (The VCC) is the largest standalone specialized veterinary practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in animals. This hospital provides patients with the latest in medicine and when coupled with the staff’s expertise, it allows clients to make informed decisions about what is best for their pet. The VCC will treat your pet as if it were their own, with the utmost compassion and care. When the diagnosis is cancer, you can reach out to the VCC for expert advice and superior medicine. The VCC offers HOPE, for a happier, longer life.